On the 20th of June, the partnership of the Padige project [2020-3-FR02-KA205-018465] launched the Italian translation of the Guide for Youth Workers, which has already an English version.

The main objective of PADIGE project is to increase democratic legitimacy in the European Union. Many young people have expressed a feeling of powerlessness towards the EU and politics, but the research conducted throughout the project has shown that this feeling is mainly the result of a lack of knowledge about opportunities for political participation and the Union as a whole.

In addition, it was found that NEETs (not in employment, education or training) are much less interested in politics and civic engagement (only 28,7% seem to be active) and they declare a disposition to vote and to be socially participative lower than non-NEETs. It was thus imperative to have not just young people become socially active, but also give special attention to NEETs and young people with limited opportunities.

Specifically, the e-learning course is focused on participatory design methodology, ECI (European Citizens Initiative), and gender equality and how to implement them into the youth. It consists of four Modules:

  1. The benefits and importance of the European Citizens Initiative
  2. The participatory design approach
  3. Gender Equality in Europe: A list of best practices on Gender Equality
  4. Guidelines and approaches for young people who want to develop a draft ECI proposal

The purpose of the Guide is to help Youth Workers effectively initiate youths in the notion of working together by applying the participatory design methodology, to co-create an ECI proposal concentrated on gender equality. Furthermore, it provides them with the practical knowledge and critical qualities to transfer and multiply such projects.

Young people involved will obtain:

  • an inclusive, fair and responsive approach to writing ECI together;
  • a method that encourages active participation, consultation and involvement;
  • a tool that improves the ability of participants to collectively make better decisions about the topic and the whole ECI proposal
  • a more thorough understanding of the issue of gender inequality

During the piloting of the Guide, Youth Workers will have the chance to give their feedback on its structure, main elements, impact/efficiency and suggest improvements.

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