On the 5th and 6th of October the partners of the project PADIGE  Participatory Design of Initiatives on Gender Equality [2020-3-FR02-KA205-018465] – met in person for their 3rd Transnational Project Meeting in Palermo to discuss the implementation of the activities, its results and the next steps of the project.

The partners involved in the meeting were Magenta Consultoría (Spain), CIJ (France), IDEC (Greece), SYMPLEXYS (Greece) and CEIPES (Italy).

The meeting started with an update on the Intellectual Output 1 – Online platform for Participatory Design of European Citizens Initiative. The platform has already been created by the leader of the Output (IDEC)  and it is based on a wiki tool that allows the creation of an ECI proposal (European Citizens’ Initiative) by youths, on the topic of gender equality, by using participatory design methodology.      
Specifically, all the Partners had the chance to go through it and conduct an Alpha testing of the content.       
The Beta testing of the platform will take place in the next months and all the Partners will involve 5 youths at the local level to collect their suggestions before launching the website.

The meeting continued analyzing the Intellectual Output 2 – Guide for Youth Workers. This has been already developed by the Consortium and is aimed at Youth professionals. The Guide contains a course that will include synchronous learning with webinars, divided into modules and focuses on participatory design methodology, ECI and gender equality. A research report on good practices in participatory design and ECI design is also included.

During the next months, all the Partners will organize pilot activities for youth workers and youths to test the Guide and conduct the Beta testing of the Platform.

The last Transnational Project Meeting will be hosted by the Coordinator (CIJ) and will take place in February in Corsica.

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